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Container Import Services

Published on 12/27/2018 by in services

Looking for a specific game and can’t find it here in the UK? Buy it overseas and let us import and fix it for you!

Retro Games Party has been in the game import business for over two years and successfully imported over 500 individual games uniting buyers with hard to find items.

We’re just the importer

We are not a source though. Everyone’s requirements and desires are different. One person may want a less than perfect machine as a project, another may want one in pristine condition, ready to go straight into their games room.

Many games appear online available and have only a split second to decide if its wanted or not, we get no special treatment from sellers and it’s a feeding frenzy when something new appears.

We urge you to monitor a few sources on the internet which we’ll list lower down, buy what you like and we’ll bring it to the UK and forward it on for you.

We also offer a range of after-care services such as electronic and physical repair, power conversion and restoration – we’ll look at each game on a case by case basis for you. We’d at least recommend converting the game to the UK/Europe local voltage and have us do a basic electrical inspection to make sure its safe.

What do I get?

Included in our fees you get the following:

  • Storage and loading of container at foreign side
  • Container transport to port, loading to vessel, unloading and transport to our warehouse.
  • Insured against full cargo loss.
  • Handling at our warehouse
  • Free storage upon arrival for up to 1 week(3).

How much does it cost?

The new charge starting 1st January 2019 for items which depart from the East Coast of the USA via our services are £145.00 per item(1) plus the calculable import tax which is based on the value of your item(2).

The previous charges were £395 per item upto a value of $1,500.00 USD – we evaluated the long term viability of this and realised that this made a lot of purchases more expensive to ship than their cost to buy and it shouldn’t be like that.

So you can now get those super-cheap deals and pay very little to ship them over.

Where can I buy from?

Theoretically you can buy from anywhere. At present we have agreements to ship from CoinOpWarehouse in Hagerstown, Maryland. We are working with other suppliers and resources across the USA, Europe and Japan for similar services.

It’s simple. Find an item you want, post the words “i’ll take it” (don’t message them, everything is done fastest through facebook and nothing lasts very long). Pay them for the item and ask them to put it into our container and they’ll handle it. You will need to let us know that you have purchased something. You can do that through our contact page

If it’s your first time we’ll ask you for some details and then we’ll keep the item on the list until the container is full.

Can I buy from eBay or Craigslist?

Yes you can, please discuss this direct with CoinOpWarehouse for items coming in from eBay or Craigslist – they may request a small handling fee for receiving and storing the item until shipment. If you are also buying things from them they may waive this fee.

How can I get my item after it arrives with you?

We have a range of ways that you can get your item. You can come and collect in person during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 09:30 – 18:00), you can send your own courier (palletising option available for nominal fee if required) or we can recommend a specialist courier service to deliver direct to your door. You can let us know and discuss this at the time you book.

I saw a bargain, can you fix it?

Yes! Well, mostly! Please discuss the item before we commit to it. It’s almost never “just a fuse”.

Please ensure your item is complete. We will not be likely to be able to source missing monitor chassis and PCB’s for you easily or in a timely fashion.

We can repair most vintage arcade games, the newer stuff is harder to repair due to a lack of parts.

Plug and go on delivery?

Almost all games you will buy overseas, other than in Europe, will require power conversion in some form from the country’s native voltage to that of our own. In the UK we run on 240volts AC at 50hz – the USA runs at 110volts AC at 60hz – to some of you this won’t make a lot of sense but trust me you don’t just cut the plug off and put another on – it will release the magic smoke.

We will first check the machine on its native voltage with one of our own transformers, determine the correct ratings required and fit the right part for you to make this a plug and go solution.

We will change the mains cable to either a compliant British standard cable or to an IEC style inlet (for customers in Europe we will ship onwards to this will be the standard).

We hope you’ll indulge yourself and obtain many of the things you’ve been looking for which are not available here in the UK very easily.

If you have any questions, please call us on 0330 088 5690 during normal office hours.

(1) Per physical item taking up approximately 65cm x 85cm of floorspace. Items which stack are still counted as separate items.
(2) Your item’s USD value will be converted to GBP using the government’s published currency conversion rates minus 0.05p to account for fluctuations and you will be then charged at the prevailing VAT percentage – see illustration below.
(3) You will be charged a standing fee of £10.00 GBP per item per week for any game held with us after 1 week from arrival which must be paid before collection. Only applies to direct pass through items, waived if item is being worked on.

Purchase price: $250.00
Published conversion rate: 1.35:1
We will use 0.10 lower so the conversion rate will be 1.25:1
Converted purchase price (250 / 1.25): £200.00
20% for import tax is £40.00 (200.00 x 0.20)
Add 3% for dock-side fees we get charged on the goods value (40.00 x 1.03) = £41.20
Plus shipping fee of £145.00 = £186.20

I’ve bought an item and want it adding to the container

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