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New Arcade Build Work In Progress Video Tour

Published on 04/05/2014 by in Largest Arcade In UK


Following our major announcement back in February we promised to bring build updates and so on, unfortunately things don’t always go to plan and while I have been capturing lots of video its only been on days that i’ve been able to attend the build so we have some video and a lot of photos so we’re going to do it in reverse order.

You see, the build happened pretty much on schedule, unfortunately mine didn’t coincide properly at times and so I only got to be there about 1-2 times a week, the builders worked at breakneck speed and took just 6 weeks to transform the open warehouse style room into what you’ll see in the video.

A few pictures have emerged on the forums and last weekend (29/03) a group of people volunteered to come down and move the machines that had been just dumped in the room from the vans into an order of some kind.

This is what we’ll call our first BETA layout – I say it with a bit of a wry smile as what we designed in the floor plan has actually moved about a bit already.

Somehow we’ve managed to break the 100 game barrier without looking too cramped and currently there are 105 games in the main room and several being stored, however, we will balance the number of games to visitors to ensure ample walking and breathing space.

When’s the opening party? Thats the question on everyone’s minds. ¬†Watch this space, announcement coming soon.

For now, enjoy the video.



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