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Arcade Build Blog: Why we’re not getting a SEGA G-LOC R360

Published on 03/31/2014 by in Largest Arcade In UK


We’ve been getting a constant barrage of emails etc about this particular game and we’d like to dispel a rumour that is going around at the moment.

We can state with absolute certainty that we are NOT getting a SEGA G-LOC R360 at the new arcade.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

1) Design

When the designs for the build were done, we made a decision to close the ceiling in at the standard room height of eight foot (2.4m).

The doors from our loading bay are lower than this at standard door height.

We also have a supporting beam which runs horizontally across the building and comes lower than 8ft.

2) Placement

A SEGA G-LOC R360 would therefore require a specific space and could only be in one half of the arcade which would limit us considerably as we wanted to create an environment that could be changed regularly to keep the layout fresh and interesting.

3) Public Events

We just know that events are going to want this machine if we had it – given the OutRun Deluxe take 3-4 people to move it this would mean more.

We’ve chosen not to pursue one because of the size and transport requirements involved, the more of the bigger games you take, the less variety you can have unless you use more and more trucks to move things.

4) Power requirements

These beasts are BIG and have powerful motors and require a fair old bit of electricity to throw you around on them – and given that most people just spin around in it for 2 minutes you can imagine how much power it would draw.

We have a fairly meaty power supply at the new place but you have to balance out load and that’d mean a whole extra installation.

5) Lastly, availability

Ever tried finding rocking horse poop?  Yep, these are as rare.

Like with a lot of dedicated classic arcade games, unless the cabinet could get converted to something else then in a large number of cases, the game got smashed up.  That’s why there’s not that many Space Harrier sit-ins and Star Wars cockpits about anymore.

So that’s our 5 reasons we’re not going to be having one, now there’s an official blog entry about it, anyone asking, I can just direct them here.

Hope to see you all soon.


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