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Day At The New Arcade – Ben’s Day

Published on 05/24/2014 by in Largest Arcade In UK

Ben Joins The Team

Long time friend Ben Ridsdale has been sequestered onto the team for a while so we gave him the camera and said “follow us around at the arcade” and here’s what he came up with.

Not everything was filmed or usable but we hope you like our efforts to show you what’s going on

So what went on….

James was investigating an Atari Paperboy machine that kept resetting itself, which seems to be voltage related at first but then has some corrupt graphics to deal with.

Also we had a look inside the Super Off Road donated to us nearly 2 years ago by Ben Roscoe (ben76) – time flies when you’ve nowhere to keep a machine that size.

The left speaker on the OutRun Deluxe isn’t working, well, you can hear the music very faintly but its hissing like it should so the amplifier is probably working but nothing is getting there.

Crazy Taxi also got a once over, the one we picked up last year still doesn’t have any top end sound working but also the test and service buttons inside the coin door don’t work so there’s probably a wiring fault – have you ever had a NAOMI upright apart?

Some cab-tris was played to get to some things, we still haven’t found Return Of The Jedi in the clump of machines – a ladder and a zoom lens did find it but we couldn’t access it – it needs its power section sorting out as it resets when warm.

And lastly, to fix some Battlezone boards we brought the cabaret cab back to the old lair, as its a full rig with vector monitor, power supply board and loom, it should make sorting the problems out a bit easier.

We’re still loving the ghetto style wiring in that machine from the Play Blackpool event – it might not be factory – but it’s original and it works!


You can follow Ben on Twitter as @ridbensdale


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