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Press Logo’s And Images

Like any other organisation, its important to us that we are represented consistently and as such we have to ask you to do this in a certain way.

The images contained on this page may be freely downloaded and used to represent Retro Games Party in press releases, links to our website, printed publications etc.  Although any image can be used, please use the most recent provided.  This is the official page for retro games party branding  If you require a different image format please contact us.




Full logo

Flat logo

Initials Logo


The above logos are provided in EPS, TIFF, PSD and PNG format all with transparency where appropriate.  These are the high resolution versions and can be resized up or down depending on format.  We recommend you use the EPS, TIFF or PSD should you wish to scale up for print.  Where possible, images are provided at 300dpi with a colour profile suitable for printing.

We have made the PSD versions available as a courtesy but no part of the layer should be altered except where described below.

Background colours and font colours

It is permissible to apply an appropriate background colour or set the logo in a box using a white background.  In the case of the “RGP initials” logo, an inverse version using white text is permitted.

Using of our brand

You should only use the images on this page.

You should not occlude, reformat, recolour, change, add, subtract or otherwise modify from these images.

We reserve the right to use modifications of our own logos outside these terms in our own marketing, icons or avatars

Guidance for when or where to use

In all uses, the aspect ratio must be maintained, do not shrink or stretch horizontally or vertically independently.


Any logo can be used in your article, website or reference, at least one link to our homepage should be provided as reference or inline with the content.  rel=”nofollow” on links is acceptable if your company/organisation’s policy is to do so, however, you should not interpret this as we do not want google to follow and discover us.

We advise resizing down or cropping the whitespace provided – be aware that any “effects” applied are part of our brand and should be included.


Where using 4-colour processes, removal of the glow effect is permitted but the two distinct colours must not be changed.  In full-colour processes, the logo should be used as-is.


We would prefer you consider the “RGP Initials” logo when building lower-3rd graphics for use in interviews.  Should you have specific requirements, please let us know.

Where can I not use your brand

You may not use our logo in any other not-for-profit or for-profit setting other than in reference to us without express written consent.  Valid use would be classed as a press release, blog article, tweet, facebook post, promotional poster/flyer for an event we are supplying or other journalistic endeavour.  Prohibited use would be merchandise eg T-Shirts, mugs, mouse mats, calendars or any other such item that may be sold or given away.  If your requirement falls into the prohibited category please contact us and we will review your request promptly.

Permission will not normally be withheld but must be sought.


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