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Sports Games

  • Bat and ball uber classic - break your way through the wall - again and again - simple and insanely addictive

  • Guide Charlie through six different circus events including Fire Rings, Tightrope, Trampoline, Ball Walk, Springs, and Flying Trapeze. Timer bonus points are added for finishing a level and more points are awarded for completing a round without losing Charlie. The game is over when all Circus Charlies are lost.

  • Play up to 4 players as one of 8 national football teams

  • Fore! Golfing fun in the arcade.

  • Forget Street Fighter - this is where it all began, two karatekas' facing off against each other for the hand of a fair maiden.

  • It's bowling... It's Silver Strike Bowling.

  • Compete in 6 events for video athletic supremacy

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