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Shoot-Em-Up Games

  • Unofficial version of Asteroids produced by ALCA who went onto be known as Alpha Denshi who made games like Slap Fight (Alcon)

  • A follow up to the super popular original Asteroids with a ghostly 3D backdrop.

  • An eight-way scrolling, two-dimensional platform game, using a combination of RPG elements to upgrade weapons and armour. The player can collect "coins" and rescue non-player characters for additional game rewards and hidden bonuses.

  • An eight directional scrolling shooter, based on NAMCO's Galaga, providing audio (sampled voice) to alert the player to on comming stages and prompts throughout the game. Players earn points by avoiding missiles and destroying enemies and space stations.

  • The player "shoot's" at targets while conserving a limited ammunition supply for as long as possible to gain points during the round. The player uses buttons for firing and left/right movement to "shoot" three rows of targets scroll across the screen in alternating directions; these include rabbits, ducks, owls, and extra-bullet targets, with higher rows awarding more points..

  • Shoot the centipede and other enemies coming down the screen within a field of mushrooms

  • Rush all the areas as Commando - ties into the blockbuster action movie starring Arnie

  • Follow up to Galaxian - enemies swoop down to try and shoot or capture you, addictive game play with challenge stages for bonus points - can you roll the score over past 999,999?


  • Another pounding shooter with an amazing soundtrack and bonus stages. Fly round the outside of the screen shooting waves of enemies on your journey back to earth.

  • Galactic avian troubles aplenty in this 80s shooter.

  • Often misspelt as 'Pleads'.

  • Arcade game based on the 1983 sci fi classic.

  • Save the humans from extermination in Robotron 2084.

  • Pilot your micro spacecraft through a space, eliminating the enemies, comets and other assorted obstacles. Collect the energy capsules to power-up. Defeat the end-bosses that appear at the end of the levels. Team up with Another player to ensure your success against multiple end level bosses.

  • Either shoot it, or get out of it's way in Space Harrier.

  • The classic returns in Space Invaders Part 2.

  • Fast-pased driving action game.

  • Lock S Foils in Attack Position!

  • New version of the Taito legend "Space Invaders".

  • A classic vector tunnel shooter. Use the spinner to move your ship around the outside of the arena and shoot the oncoming baddies.

  • Take to the skies in this action shooter.

  • Pilot your way through time in this shooter.

  • Game based on the Disney movie of the same name.

  • A novel shooter with an interesting soundtrack.

  • You pilot an attack shuttle whose mission is to strafe the enemy's "Asteroid City". Destroy fuel tanks, gun implacements, missiles, fighters and a large enemy robot. The game uses an isometric three-quarters perspective that was a unique concept to arcade games of that era.

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