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Maze Games

  • Sequel to the 80s classic Gauntlet.

  • Lady Bug is an insect-themed maze chase arcade game similar to Pac-Man whereby you control a Ladybug that moves around a maze eating dots while avoiding poison and pursuing insects. The maze has revolving doors that can be used to thwart the insects. Collect letters to form the word "EXTRA" and receive an extra life or spell "SPECIAL" to earn free credits. with the primary addition to the formula being gates that change the layout of the maze when used.

  • Cat and mouse takes a twist

  • It's Pac-Man... Well, it's his girlfriend anyway.

  • Licensed clone of the classic Pac Man

  • Pac Man makes the transition to 3D in Pac-Mania!

  • One penguin and a lot of ice and nasties. Thats Pengu.

  • Game based on the Disney movie of the same name.

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