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Home Computer Classics

  • Unofficial version of Asteroids produced by ALCA who went onto be known as Alpha Denshi who made games like Slap Fight (Alcon)

  • Bat and ball uber classic - break your way through the wall - again and again - simple and insanely addictive

  • Shoot the centipede and other enemies coming down the screen within a field of mushrooms

  • Rush all the areas as Commando - ties into the blockbuster action movie starring Arnie

  • Play up to 4 players as one of 8 national football teams

  • Fore! Golfing fun in the arcade.

  • A great platform puzzler that stays challenging throughout.

  • Arcade puzzle game for two players.

  • Sequel to the classic 'Operation Wolf'.

  • One of the great shooters.

  • Pac Man makes the transition to 3D in Pac-Mania!

  • Classic F1 racing game from the Dawn of Gaming.

  • Draw boxes to claim as much screen as possible without getting in the path of the "Qix" and "Sparx". Draw slower for more points and hope that you have enough coins. Simple but very addicting!

  • Fly through many levels avoiding or killing enemy objects and picking up fuel to keep you moving

  • Fast-pased driving action game.

  • Two players choose from a roster of 12 characters to fight each other in martial arts matches held on several continents. The winner of two out of three rounds moves on to the next stage. The game also allows the Boss characters to be chosen for play.

  • Rescue your lover, Phee Phee who has been kidnapped by the evil leopard seal in this side scrolling adventure.

  • Pilot your way through time in this shooter.

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