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About Traverse USA arcade game for hire

Manufactured by IREM in 1983

Traverse USA is a unique game in that you're not actually racing against anyone and the only factor you need to worry about is your fuel. Once the fuel runs out it's Game Over. You must wind your way through traffic whilst avoiding other obstacles, such as puddles on the road. Another thing that makes Traverse USA different is that it switches from a top down view similar to Spy Hunter to a 3rd person view like that in Super Hang On.

This game is almost identical to the arcade game Zippy Run.

Here's an example of what Traverse USA looks like

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What does 'van spaces' mean?

For any hire upto 10-12 games we use our own transport, there are size and weight restrictions of how much we can legally put on to bring to you. Games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and many others from that era we discovered are all roughly the same size so we call them a 'standard size' game - we can put 12 of these standard sized games on one of the vans we use. We have some bigger games like SEGA Rally Championship Two Player which each half takes up the space of 2 standard sized games and with two halves to play together it takes 4 in total so we calculate how many standard sized machines a game like that takes up - that's what van spaces are.

When you ask us for a quote, we will always quote based on standard sized games, if you'd like specific larger games, please mention this in your enquiry.

Standard Upright
1 Player Custom Controls
Physical Size
Width: 65cm
Depth: 85cm
Height: 154cm
These sizes are approximate
Van Spaces: 1 what's this?
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