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About Street Fighter 2 - World Warrior arcade game for hire

Manufactured by CAPCOM in 1992

The second game in the Street Fighter II - The World Warrior / Championship features, among other changes, and increase in game speed. For this reason, the Japanese dubbed this new version Street Fighter II' (Dash). The apostrophe ( ' ) in the title is what the Japanese call a "dash." Thus, the game is referred to in Japanese video game magazines as "Street Fighter II Dash ~Champion Edition~" or Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (and, of course, the third "Street Fighter II" game is called "Street Fighter II Dash Turbo"). While the dash mark (or apostrophe) does appear in the titlescreen logos of the U.S. editions of these games, American gamers overlooked them and referred to the game simply as "Champion Edition" and "Turbo" (or "Hyper Fighting").

Here's an example of what Street Fighter 2 - World Warrior looks like

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Electrocoin Goliath
Multi Configuration Swapable Control Panel
Physical Size
Width: 65cm
Depth: 85cm
Height: 182cm
These sizes are approximate
Van Spaces: 1 what's this?
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