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About Dancing Stage Euromix 2 arcade game for hire

Manufactured by KONAMI in 2002

Sequel to the amazingly popular Dancing Stage Euromix and coming from the Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) line of games, Konami's foot stomping, highly energetic dancing game will have you up on your feet following the on-screen stars in time with the beat.

Play solo or head to head with a friend.

This game has the following popular songs as well as many original ones produced by Konami:

Steps - 5, 6, 7, 8
Aaron Carter - Aaron's Party (Come Get It)
Billy Ocean - Carribbean Queen
Rednex - Cotton Eye Joe
Roman Holiday - Don't Try To Stop It
Solid Harmone - I Want You To Want Me
Jessica Folker - Love You Like A Fool
Ruby Turner - The Vibe Is Right
Steps - Stomp
Hi-Five - That Was Then, This Is Now
Jenny Rom - www.BlondeGirl
Roxette - Centre Of The Heart (Stonebridge Club Mix)
Duran Duran - The Reflex
John Desire - Living In America
DJ-AC-DC - Never Ending Story
Morgana - Never Gonna Make (Factory Dance Team Mix)
Judy Crystal - Nori Nori Nori
Silvertear - So Deep (Perfect Sphere Mix)
E-ROTIC - Test My Best

** Warning - This machine is a very large and very heavy game. It is not suitable for delivery to upper floors even via a lift and must be moved only on a flat and relatively smooth exterior surface. If in doubt discuss suitability of your venue before booking **

This machine will count as 4 games in any hire price given due to the size it will take on the delivery van and the weight.

Here's an example of what Dancing Stage Euromix 2 looks like

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What does 'van spaces' mean?

For any hire upto 10-12 games we use our own transport, there are size and weight restrictions of how much we can legally put on to bring to you. Games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong and many others from that era we discovered are all roughly the same size so we call them a 'standard size' game - we can put 12 of these standard sized games on one of the vans we use. We have some bigger games like SEGA Rally Championship Two Player which each half takes up the space of 2 standard sized games and with two halves to play together it takes 4 in total so we calculate how many standard sized machines a game like that takes up - that's what van spaces are.

When you ask us for a quote, we will always quote based on standard sized games, if you'd like specific larger games, please mention this in your enquiry.

Larger Upright Game
This game may not fit through a standard doorway
2 Player Custom Controls
Physical Size
Width: 130cm
Depth: 90cm
Height: 250cm
Weight: 400kg
Van Spaces: 4 what's this?
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