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The Lost Arcade… Bristol

Published on 01/21/2020 by in Blog, News

It’s 1986… You’re stood on the sea front eating an ice cream and you can hear the noise of the arcade across the road beckoning you to spend your pocket money… Something you’ve gotten used to on your holidays from a few years ago when Pac-Man and Space Invaders dominated the arcade scene.

Image of customers playing video games
Opening Day, October 2019

Fast forward a few years and you have more money but all those arcade games have gone – but where? They can’t have been all scrapped right?

Well, it would seem that a disused and abandoned warehouse in Bristol was discovered not long ago and ….

… ok, that’s not strictly true but it was a great back-story that the Future Artists team conjured up just to set the mood of their latest venture.

Retro Games Party have partnered up again with Future Artists to bring you a long-running pop-up arcade located in the harbour area of Bristol.

Low level shot of rows of arcade machines
Setup & Test Takes a while

Opening October 2019 and running until late March 2020 you can revisit your youth without travelling hundreds of miles.

We’ve delivered nearly 100 of our games hot off the floor of Play Expo Blackpool down to a large retail unit on Millennium Promenade in Bristol’s harbour area.

Ambient lighting and cool 80’s and 90’s music set the mood for taking on those Space Invaders, running through a maze munching dots or taking on your friends at Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat to name a few. A selection of classic consoles is also there.

To keep you going, sweets and drinks are available inside as well as some cool merchandise to buy. Its surrounded by a large amount of food and drink outlets ranging from pub grub to exotic.

The list of games will change throughout the run and information can be found in their pages or you can look through our main game hire list

You can find out more by clicking here

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