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DECO Cassette System Conversion to Mr Do! – Part 3

Published on 04/10/2013 by in Projects

Header image - Mr Do DECO cab set on blurred marquee with text legend.

Mr Do conversion takes a leap forward – out with the old, in with the new

In this instalment of our Mr Do dedicated conversion project, we rip out the old wiring on the cabinet, make some interesting discoveries inside, try to figure out what the original constructors were thinking and of course – have some fun doing it.

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Having obtained the manual for this machine, i’d had a peek inside before we got started.  The loom seemed to have been converted from the original into Electrocoin’s “unigame” pinout, an adaptor was discovered hanging off the end to convert UNIGAME to JAMMA – this is a bit of a find as it meant I wouldn’t have to make one for one of the Goliath machines at some other time.

Most of the wiring was simple to remove, just a few screws held the cable ties down and a lot of it came out.  The connector on the low voltage power supply (5v and 12v) was stuck on quite hard and needed a bit of engineering persuasion to part with it.

Along the way we make some observations and Mark finds a bit of humour in one of the parts (see end credits).

The whole teardown took about an hour, in the video it’s been cut to about fifteen.

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