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Parts Suppliers – Way Too Slow For Today’s Marketplace

Published on 09/14/2011 by in Blog

I thought i’d take a step aside from talking about what’s arrived as there’s nothing coming for a little while.

I wanted to tell you all about the frustration of getting things delivered – not specially couriers but the suppliers themselves.

I ordered some basic parts to do a few repairs from a company called Ultimarc who are no stranger to the arcade community.  Nothing fancy, some buttons, connectors, a small interface board.

While ordering I checked that they were all ex-stock parts, nothing was saying out of stock on their site, I placed my order on Monday, it’s now Wednesday and i’ve only just received the notification that DHL are collecting it today – what’s going on? 2 days to pick and pack something?

I’m sorry but in our world of high-speed internet, HD channels and bad sleep patterns this isn’t good enough as I well know from my own business.

Outside of my arcade collecting I work in the IT field and have a sideline business that sells off-the-shelf PC components and VoIP hardware.  I have to ship within 1 business day to remain market competitive.  If I don’t meet the 1 day target, many of my customers literally scream at me and a lot of the time will return the goods and claim a refund on their card.

So, why is the rule different for other suppliers.  There is an expectation on me so why do parts suppliers like Ultimarc and Swallow Amusements take 2-3 days to ship?  Is there an internal packing department apathy of “it’s only a bunch of arcade collectors…. it doesn’t matter!”

I’m totally happy with the products, the pricing is definitely right but why the delay in despatch?  If your site says its in stock and I order by 12pm why can’t I have it within 2 days – not 5?

Although i’m annoyed by the delay in despatch, my frustration comes mainly though from the fact that couriers only deliver in regular business hours – to domestic addresses this means normally nobody will be around – so they card you, come back the next day, card you again and then you spend Saturday morning trying to get down some dismal industrial estate to pick up your parcel to be told it’s been returned to the sender.

This might have flown in the less-rush 1970’s and 1980’s when there wasn’t as much general stress but in 2011 – we want it NOW!

What’s the answer?  Better communication and less expectation?  Couriers delivering in evenings to domestic addresses?

Sadly, though, I think we will do what we do best in Britain – put up with it, not make a complaint to the company, accept it’s what happens when you deal with bigger companies and moan about it on a blog post or twitter!

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