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RGP Arcade Access All Areas Tour – March 2013

Retro Games Party Arcade Tour March 2013 - Classic Arcade Games from 1980's

Here at RGP HQ it’s taken us some time to build up our arcade and there’s always something going on, whether its a new machine being rewired, a monitor being repaired, a control panel being refurbished, there’s never enough time to get around to doing everything on the list.

One thing that was long overdue was a video walkthrough of the arcade areas with everything switched on.  Sounds easy – not quite as simple as you’d think. For one thing, in-between all the parties, the arcade gets a bit cluttered up with boxes, bubble wrap, spare monitors that have to be hidden everywhere so to do a video you have to move them all again.

So I thought i’d take the chance that as the last get together was only the week before, i’d have a run around with the camera and show everyone what the place looks like and after a little bit of colour correction and some cool 8-Bit SID tunes being mixed in, here’s the video.

The video also includes a few clips from some previous parties – it gets pretty full in there.

Direct link:

Hope you enjoyed that, details of how you can come and play are at the bottom of the page.

Arcade machines and pinball tables shown in the video

This is a list of all the machines which you see in the video.  Some games are in JAMMA cabinets – some were even designed that way.  Everything shown switched on is fully working and everything is set to free play.  We’ve fitted coin buttons to many machines in the coin door area to keep the control panels as original as possible.

1942 (BAS Cabaret JAMMA) Nemesis (Electrocoin Goliath)
After Burner Out Run
Arkanoid Pac-Land (Zaccaria Technoplay Upright)
Assault Phoenix
Bombjack Pole Position
Bubble Bobble (Zaccaria Technoplay Upright) Puck-Man (Zaccaria)
Commando (Electrocoin Goliath) Return Of The Jedi
Crazy Kong Road Blasters
Frogger (Electrocoin Goliath) Salamander 2 (Electrocoin Goliath)
Galaxian Space Harrier
Ghosts’n’Goblins (Electrocoin Goliath) Star Wars (Cockpit)
Juno First Super Hang On
Kung Fu Master (Zaccaria Technoplay Upright) Terra Cresta (Electrocoin Goliath)
Millipede The Invaders (Zaccaria)
Missile Storm Track & Field (Electrocoin Goliath)
Mr Do (DECO Cassette System Conversion) Williams Blackout Pinball
Mr Do vs Unicorns (Video Master JAMMA) Zaccaria Moon Flight

We also had a few computers out as well but weren’t switched on – BBC Micro Model B, Commodore 64 and an arcade supergun which had Side Arms by Capcom plugged into it.

Theres a dedicated videos page on the site where i’ll make sure all the videos are listed and organised somehow.

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You can see our entire games list here

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