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Mailbag #1 – Thanks to Beaps & Vic


Mailbag 1 – 30/03/2013

A quick video of some packages that arrived in the mailbag this week, their contents and what’s happening with them.  Many thanks to Brian (beaps) and Vic (VirtVic) for supplying these to me.

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In this video I receive a CPS2 kick harness adaptor and a breadbin style Commodore 64 – also known as a Mk1.

The CPS2 adaptor is needed so that I can make a Street Fighter Zero 2 work with its additional six “kick” buttons (hence why it’s known as a kick harness) and the Commodore 64 Mk1 is to replace my C64C.  While there’s nothing wrong with the other one, i’ve wanted a proper working Mk1 for a while as I just think they look the part.  I always loved my C64 as a child.

The other reason is that the SID-II chip in the early commodore 64’s have a different filter system in them which allows sampled speech to play properly.  The later models had a different chip which either muffled or entirely prevented sampled sound playback.

The samples were achieved by continuously changing the volume setting which in the older chips would emanate a ‘click’ – play these clicks fast enough and you have actual sound.

It never ceased to amaze me that mailbag episodes are so popular, a number of other YouTube and bloggers produce videos about what turned up in their mail so I thought i’d follow suit but try and show some things working or lead to progress on other projects at the same time.

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