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Another Friday, Another Cabinet

Well, it’s Friday and in the last few weeks that can usually only mean one thing – another arcade cabinet is coming – or at least it feels that way.  Last week it was my Hyper Sports which got the fastest work-over and clean-up in the history of arcade machine collecting.

Just before we reveal all though, yesterday I got one of these in the post….

Ultimarc A-Pac USB Adaptor

It’s an Ultimarc A-Pac adaptor which will be making its way into this…..

OutRun Mini Wrapped and Ready For Transport

Well, it was going to happen sometime, it’s one of my holy-grail machines – sadly at the moment, it doesn’t have a working arcade board so i’m going to adapt it to work with MAME for now.  I’ve had the spare PC bits sitting around for months and they were destined for one of my other machines but when I heard this cabinet might be available I was uber excited.

It’ll be arriving at RGP towers sometime today and will get the treatment over the next week or so, it’s a fairly simple conversion but we’ll do it in a way that we could stick an original PCB in there without too much fuss and it can become a dedicated machine again.  One thing it is missing if you look closely is the silver cover that goes behind the steering wheel (the actual wheel is inside at the moment), my friend who is donating this cab to me sent his away to somebody who said they could make a mould and copy it but sadly it never got returned.

We will start our search for a part but for now it will get a temporary cover – watch this space for further updates.

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