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Arcade Game Repair Services
Make broken games work again

Our arcade repair service can bring that dead game at the back of your garage back to life!

Yes, it is possible to still repair these old games! Back in the golden days, a lot of arcades had their own engineers who worked in-house to keep everything working – the manufacturers wanted them to be serviced “in field” and put the knowledge of doing arcade repair out there – sadly in the new age of proprietary hardware and corporate desperation to survive the same manufacturers just want you to throw it out and buy a new game or send it back at a seriously high cost and be without the game for a long time.

All well and good for the latest PC based games but if you’re a fan of older games then chances are if you bought it cheap and it wasn’t just a fuse like the person selling it you said then you’ll need a repair of some sort.

Don’t fit an LCD

That old CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor that’s in the game can be fixed, a lot of the time there’s very little wrong or a single part has failed – because of the dangerous high voltages present in monitors and that the tube can hold some of that charge for a long time we recommend you get these serviced by a professional.  When they are working again they give your game that true original look that you just can’t get on a modern LCD – they might have the right connectors but they weren’t designed for that type of picture.

Don’t MAME it – repair it or sell it

So the monitor comes on and you can see a glow on it but the game isn’t on – its time to rip out that old circuit board and fit a PC with 7000 games right?  WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

Sure, if that’s what you want but don’t throw the old circuit boards out – sell them.  Otherwise, there’s a good chance we can repair them for you.

We will buy it or repair it

We are always looking to buy parts or even complete machines.  Why not get in touch with us to see if our arcade repair team can fix the game or sell it to us.  Our friendly staff will help you as much as possible.

Simple repair or complete overhaul

We can fix anything from a dead monitor or game board to completely re-conditioning the cabinet with new artwork.

Nationwide service

If you want a complete overhaul on a game we can arrange to have it collected anywhere in the UK and then returned to you.  We use a trusted independent courier who knows how to handle delicate items.


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