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Arcade Game Hire for Public Events

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We have been providing arcade game hire to public events for over 5 years, building our portfolio of clients year by year working with companies like Replay Events, iPlayGaming, Leeds International Beer Festival, North East Retro Gaming, Showmasters and many others.

In this role we are a complete turnkey solution and can deliver any quantity of arcade games to any public event facility of your choosing.  We work with you and the venue’s facilities providers to ensure a smooth arrival, unload, setup, operation, tear down and removal of our equipment.

All our public event work is fully staffed with at least one experienced technician and supplementary crew, we also carry spare parts for most games with us or the knowledge to fix them in-field.  We can’t fix absolutely everything on site and we aim to provide 90-95% or better playable time to all the games we supply.  We have contingency plans for all sizes of events.

We can provide our own electrical distribution or work with your designated electricians to ensure the power doesn’t go out unexpectedly causing downtime to the games for your visitors.

We have a range of provision and pricing options for arcade game hire and we’d be happy to meet with you to discuss them either in person, via telephone, skype or any other suitable means to ensure we can provide the service you want.


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