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Arcade Game Hire For Parties, Weddings, Birthdays and other private functions

Arcade game hire for parties, weddings, birthdays and anything else - we specialise in classic and contemporary arcade game hire, this picture is of HackManchester, October 2014

We don’t just provide games for huge events and big companies.  We can cater for all types of hire of arcade games.

We started our business with small parties in pubs, function rooms and church halls and we haven’t forgotten our roots.

Arcade games are a huge part of our history, if you were lucky enough to live by the seaside you could play arcade games more often than other people – if you didn’t then I bet you dreamed of owning your own arcade game at some point as a child.

We certainly had that dream and built our collection for everyone to play – these aren’t museum pieces, these are living pieces of our past that were meant to be played by everyone.

Looking for a few classic arcade games that you remember from being a kid like Pac-Man, Space Invaders or Defender?  We’ve got them!

Looking for a few more modern arcade games like Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Lethal Enforcers or Time Crisis?  We’ve got those too!

All our games are 100% original including the buzzing power supply, we are preservationists as well as arcade game hire specialists.

How much will it cost?

We price every hire based on distance from our base in Blackburn, Lancashire in terms of mileage, staff costs, if we have to stay over somewhere etc.  Don’t let that make you think its going to be outrageously expensive – we’ve delivered to almost every part of the UK including Torquay and Inverness.

So you can be prepared, we are definitely not the cost of a mobile DJ with a laptop and a few speakers, think in terms of a 4 piece band with a fair bit of equipment to move.

We are one of, if not, the least cost provider of arcade games for hire.  We regularly mystery-shop our competitors not to be penny cheaper but to ensure we are competitive on product and service.

You will be required to pay a deposit to confirm your booking, this will be variable dependent on the total price and the remainder will be payable in full 2-3 weeks before your event – we don’t accept or handle cash on site.

Sounds great, can I have it in my conservatory, sun room etc at home?

Regrettably not.  These things are large and heavy, can’t be carried over conservatory doors, don’t go round tight corners easily and easily mess up your nice carpet with the 40 year old bits of wood falling off them.    We’ll happily put them in your local function room or at a hotel event space or similar but just after a lot of experience that homes are just not arcade friendly for hire.


The form below may look like it has a lot of tick boxes for things you need to check, don’t be put off, if you have any questions or are unsure on what we mean then please call us on 0330 088 5690 during normal office hours and we’ll talk you through the process and make it simple.  We’re just making sure you get the best experience possible.

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Due to the size, weight, general access restrictions and experience gained, we cannot deliver any of our games to a private address.

Please hire a public space, function room or other venue more suited to the type of equipment we supply.

I have checked with the venue and there is either step-free access or a lift to the floor the party is to take place on

We will do our best to deliver games that you have booked to your chosen venue, we may request you shoot a short video and upload it to us to demonstrate how the venue would prefer we bring games in so that we can advise should there be any problems - not all games can be taken into every space.

I have checked with the venue that there is suitable access for a vehicle (Luton Box Van with Tail Lift) to get near the room or place the games will be used in

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When you click the button below your details will be sent to a central mailbox for enquiries, please whitelist our domain "" in your mail software's spam filters. A member of our team will review your request and send an appropriate price and information to you usually within 2 business days.

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