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Arcade Game Hire at Leeds Beer Festival 2015 Star Wars

Looking for arcade game hire for your own party this year?  Are you planning a public event and want to hire arcade games for your visitors to play?  Are you producing a TV show or Film and need to hire arcade games as either as background props on the set or fully interactive as part of the script?  Are you a company looking to blow off some steam and are looking for arcade game hire at your next corporate event?

If you answered yes to any above then we can definitely help!

Retro Games Party have been providing arcade game hire for all the above for the last 5 years to companies like Replay Events Ltd, iPlayGaming, Leeds International Beer Festival, to TV companies (most recently Endemol UK for Charlie Brooker’s “Black Mirror“) and to many companies and individuals.

What do you offer?

Our service fits around you.  We will discuss everything you need for your hire with you either by phone or via emails and produce you a quote – if your needs change we are happy to adjust how we work.  Start by having a look at our games list to wet your appetite

Someone said you can’t repair these old games and keep them going – is that true?

No!  Absolutely not!  That’s a complete lie in fact!  While its true some games just can’t be repaired after they stop working, for pretty much all cases they can still be turned from a wreck found in a basement back into something that you can play.  We only invest in items for arcade machine hire which we are confident we can keep working so you can be confident that when we deliver they will work for the time they are with you.  If there are any that have what we call “special care requirements” we’ll talk to you about this.

So if someone offers to hire you a multi game system and tells you they are better than the originals – they’re lying.

How much does arcade game hire cost?

Everyone’s needs are different so we don’t have a specific general price that we can publish.  We have experience in arcade game hire and we’ve probably seen most requests so we’ll be able to figure it out but what it might cost to bring 10 arcade games to a hotel function room 30 miles from us isn’t going to be a simple ratio for taking 40 over 200 miles.  All our quotes are bespoke to you and we can break it all down for you as well.  In most cases the more you want and the longer you want them for the cheaper it gets.

I’m looking for a go-to company for all our events – can you help?

Yes, of course.  We are looking to build long term partnerships with companies as well as do one-off supply, we can provide a service which fits your needs and your budget – just talk to us.

Do you do arcade game repair as well?

Yes.  We have a small in-house team who can repair games and good relationships with other companies who do various repair work.  See our repair services section for more information.  If we can’t fix it, chances are we know someone who can.

Sounds great but what don’t you do?

A couple of things we don’t/can’t do:

  • Multi game cabinets with hundreds or thousands of games – you will spend longer looking at the list of games than playing it – trust us on this one.
  • Deliver to the inside of private homes – we don’t want to damage your home – a ground level conservatory, hard-standing outdoor marquee or other place where we can come straight in without corners is fine.
  • Coin pushers, cranes, horse racing, penny drop, roulette or any other coin operated skill will prize – the licensing laws for gaming are something we have no interest in.  We supply video games only – by far more fun.
  • Coin operation (pay per play) – we know there’s no money in this market that’s why these games aren’t in arcades anymore – we are going to be trialling a system which would be of interest to free-entry high foot traffic fayres, markets etc.

How do I hire arcade games from Retro Games Party?

Every path to success starts with the smallest of steps – look at the options below and pick which one suits you best and fill in the form on that page.


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